Interviews with Leaders of REsistance to NATO in Mitrovi

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Mon Aug 14 16:36:17 MDT 2000

Johannes writes
<Mr. Israel at least continues to think in the categories of Serbian
nationalism: Only non-Albanians suffer, whereas the majority of
Albanians are fascist-secessionists who never suffered at all from the
Yugoslav state.

But what should be clear from today is: Serbian workers at the Zvecan
smelter and Albanian miners both face the same enemy: KFOR troops, who
have occupied their factories and want to hand over the workers
collective property to 'international investors.>
Johannes, I doubt very seriously that Jared does not admit the suffering
of Albanian Kosovares as you assert.     And I believe that you
certainly can see the suffering of the Serbs.

What divides the two sides is in who should be principally blamed for
this mess.     Jared asserts that NATO is primarily the cause, and that
the Kosovars allied with NATO to further their cause of looking for a
Kosova free of Serbs and other non-Albanians.

I believe that the other camp blames Milosevic for where we're at.
That Serb nationalism, rather than imperialism, bares the principle
guilt.     Quite a contrast in views.

Isn't it a little bit disingenuous, this far down the road, to pose that
both Serbs and Kosovars have a common enemy?     Is it the Serb, or the
Albanian working class, that is supposed to take the lead  and hold out
the olive branch of peace so that both can unite against NATO?

I guess we are supposed to believe that the Kosovars want NATO to leave,
so that Albanian democrats can go to work building a secular,
multinational society society?


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