Interviews with Leaders of REsistance to NATO in Mitrovica

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Mon Aug 14 14:27:38 MDT 2000

Johannes.Schneider at writes:

<< The whole complex is
 controlled by the colonial UNIMIK administration and French KFOR troops.
 KFOR is directly respomsible for not allowing any work going on and
 letting the mines beeing flooded. >>

1) As the interview noted, the invasion of Nrothern Mitrovica by British and
othert NATO troops is related to maneuvering by NATO financial itnerests as
regards the mines.  It is also related to positioning NATo troops to take
advantage of provocations instigated by the fascists now raiding inner Serbia
from Kosovo.  (These fascists are ALBANIANS.  That does not mean I am saying
all Albanians are fascists, just as the powerful fascist base of the German
Nazi's does not prove all Germans wer Nazis. BUt just as "everyone" did not
suffer in Germany, "everyone": does not suffer in kosovo!)

The mines were actually seized by the secessionists after NATO took over
Kosovo.  This is consistent with NATO practice throughout Kosovo, using the
KLA fascists as their poroxy force, to do the dirty work.  This is discussed
by Chossudovsky in

"State terror and the "free market" Opening up Kosovo to foreign capital" at

As usual, the fascists combine the horrible and the ludicrous; apparently in
their incompetence and viciousness they flooded the mines.

Schneider says:   <<Today it should be obvious not the people living in
Kosovo regardless of nationality are the problem there, but the continued
colonial occupation
by NATO forces.>>

2) Herr Schneider has moved from seeing things upside down ( arguing that the
victims of KLA terror are the culprits) to now equatng victims and culprits;
we make progress. The Albanian fascist-secesssionist movement has driven over
250,000 Serbs, Slavic Muslims, Roma and anti-fascist Albanians out, stolen
their property, set up whorehouses with thousands of slaves kidnapped from
Slavic countries, and on and on.  "Evberybody" does NOT suffer in Kosovo.

Jared Israel

For articles documenting the fascist character and NATo link of the
secessionists in Kosovo please see among others:

1) "The UN appoints an alleged war criminal" by Michel Chossudovsky at

2) "The US gov't arms 3500 terrorists in Kosovo" by Jared israel at

3) "Jewish Leader - Driven from Kosovo" (Intervoiew) at

4) "How will you plead at the trial, Mr.Annan? " at

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