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el 14 Aug 00, a las 23:22, Jose G. Perez dijo:

> Kurt,
>     I believe it is a mistake to make the axis of our relationship to
> something like the Chávez movement in Venezuela an ideological one.
>     This is, clearly, a national democratic movement against
> imperialist domination with a strong plebeian accent. I do not think
> the role class-conscious workers are called upon to take in such a
> movement is that of sideline commentators who constantly seek to
> differentiate themselves ideologically from Chávez.

And on and on. José has condensed in a pill the essential of class
warfare in Latin America and, probably, in the Third World as a
whole. What Kurt finds so hard to discover (and I do not blame him at
all) is to which point the history of these countries has been
disturbed from the "normal" path (in an Idealtypus sense) and to
which point the "classic" definitions (bourgeois, proletariat,
working class, state, nation) must be reinstated in order to become

I am sure that most list members from the Third World will share in
what José has stated on this posting. I sometimes have a feeling of
despair at the difficulty we encounter in explaining these realities
to our comrades in the (broadly speaking) North. Reductionism is not
only a mistake, it is a socially determined mistake, and as such not
evident to those who suffer its consequences.

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