SACP member faces charges

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Tue Aug 15 06:30:36 MDT 2000

> From:          Louis Proyect <lnp3 at>
> Comrades may remember. I was forwarding Dale's messages to the list a few
> months ago, when he was in a dialog with Patrick Bond and Azwell Banda. I
> would add that Patrick has some information pending on this situation that
> he will be posting before too long.

Yes, here we go. Dale says, expect the worst. Azwell, step in if you
like to clarify the situation. But comrades here are beginning to
report the need for a new name: The South African Confusionist Party
(and I am reviewing my fellow-traveler status)...

Business Day

SACP to publish results of Dale McKinley's disciplinary hearing

THE recommendations of a disciplinary committee inquiry into the
conduct of senior SA Communist Party (SACP) member Dale McKinley have
been ratified by the party's central committee and will be made known
this week. McKinley's writings as a freelance journalist were the
subject of a two-hour hearing at the weekend. SACP general secretary
Jeremy Cronin said McKinley would be informed of the party's decision
"in a day or two", following which it would be made public. McKinley's
writings, which argue that the SACP and its alliance partners the
African National Congress and Congress of SA Trade Unions have
betrayed its stated socialist credo by becoming "slaves to
capitalism", are the subject of contention. Cronin said: "We would
like to point out that the hearing was not about a person's right to
freedom of speech, but rather the making of statements that are
incompatible with party policy and hence its ongoing membership."
McKinley reserved comment until after being informed of the party's
Nirode Bramdaw.,3523,677477-6099-0,00.html

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