Sufism: The Deviated Parh

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Whereas Western orientalist discourses tend to treat Sufism as a
mythical, passive and unpolitical version of Islam, Islamic radicals
contribute to the same problem when designate Sufism nothing but a
"deviated path" from the teachings of Mohammed. Both views have
problems. Both neglect the concrete analysis of historical
circumstances, state-society relations and patterns of authority that
gave rise to Sufism.

Tracing a particular religious world view to a scripture, or what
Mohammed said or did, as if Mohammed was a man of religion only, is an
idealist reading of Islam no matter what it aims to overcome the
orientalist/eurocentric trap it criticizes.

It reminds me of I. Wallerstein critique  of Frank's Reorient: "Frank
proved the Eurpean miracle"



Here is an interesting article. See the entire work at:

The Deviated Path

 By Br. Yusuf Hijazi

Although many sects have appeared throughout the ages, none have
outlasted as long and spread their effects into the homes of so many as
Sufism has. The emotional attachment that a countless number of Muslims
have towards this sect is so powerful that any analysis should be purely
from an objective perspective; thus this article takes an objective
approach, and tries to be conservative rather than extreme in its
analysis of Sufism. Its conclusions however leave no doubt as to the
alien nature of Sufi teachings that have infiltrated into the religion
that our beloved Prophet (s.a.w) left us upon.


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