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Tue Aug 15 18:57:07 MDT 2000

 From Néstor:
> But I have just learnt that Nicholas II has been canonized. And I just
> wanted  to send a little prayer. Would you just repost this piece of
> gospel?
> "A gang of priests most likely vomited by Hell has decided that the
> arch-bloodsucker, arch-criminal, arch-murderer Nicholas II and his
> family deserve canonization.  In the name of my relatives who were
> chased away from  Russia by the Black Hundreds, in the name of the
> millions of downtrodden and  wretched who had to suffer his rule, in the
> name of anything that is worthy in  human life, let us all pledge
> together that  the Earth be heavy on the bones  of the Czar, his family,
> and those who have canonized them. Amen. Nestor  Gorojovsky"


> This event is another proof, if need be, that either there is no God, or
> we  have been duped, and Satan is sitting at the Holy Chair. We are
> living through  a repugnant age, not even Louis XVI deserved such a
> treatment.

I was struck by how even my very conservative (but historically literate)
family was revolted by this step.  Even my very anti-communist and Orthodox
Christian Romanian housemate was appalled.  This is such a complete act of
barbarous ignorance that it takes my breath away.

> Perhaps this is a reasonable coda to the thread on dialogue with
> Christians.

I will say two things in the defence of Christians:  Charles the First of
England.  And he hasn't been made a saint.

Alan Bradley
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