Middle Eastern women WANT anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist world

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Furthermore, I should admit, before leaving this computer for a while, Islamist
radical feminists are well aware of the fact that Islamist radical men exclude them.
Muslim women are trying to change gender roles in their own communities, to the best
they can, just as western feminists are trying to do here, however there is a certain
resistance from Islamist men. Period. Almost 5 years ago, there was a hot debate in
the Turkish Islamic newspaper  "Zaman" concerning women's rights in islam, between
Emine (Muslim feminist) and Ali Bulac (male Islamist). Bulac ridiculed at Emine by
calling her as a "Feminist with a hijab: What do Muslim women want  from us ?".
Although Emine was very careful to rationalize her women's rights  discourse in
Islamic terms (say Islam gives equal property to both sexes rhetoric), Ali Bulac
accused Emine for being inconsistent of trying to reconcile Islamic principles with
feminist principles, that are  in fact, according to Bulac, irreconcilable. Smart as
he is (I should admit), Bulac *perfectly* knows that it is the "complementarity
principle" (division of labor by sex), not the equality principle  that determines the
organization of gender relations in Islam. So his critique of Emine is from a
conservative point of view, unlike Emine's reformist standpoint. Women are stuck  with
internal  male resistance again!  too bad..





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