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Carrol Cox cbcox at
Wed Aug 16 13:03:21 MDT 2000

jon farr wrote:

> Regarding the idea that its possible to talk to radical christians to read
> some common ground.
> As a veteran of such arguments and long time atheist I would point out the
> pontless of attempting rational debate with most relogeous people.

It seems to me two quite different questions are confused in this thread. Jon
here talks of *debating* (i.e., persuading?) Christians to another point of
view. But that is not really the issue. It is simply important to note that 10s
of millions of Christians *already* agree with us on innumerable issues and we
and they can work together on those issues while simply ignoring our
philosophical differences. Sometimes such joint practice (and it is *practice*
-- joint engagement in struggle -- that I am speaking of) will lead in
individual cases to our Christian comrades finding that they are not Christian
after all and actually changing their world view. That is a bonus -- as it is a
bonus whenever non-communists working with communists move towards our world
view. But it is not an essential part of working together.

Incidentally, it is important not to have an idealist (Platonic) view of what is
"rational" or "irrational."  I prefer to regard the phrase "rational thought" to
be simply synonymous with "human thought," and to argue that simply because the
world is complicated (and distorted by the illusions created by class society)
quite rational thought can (and often does) lead to quite irrational (i.e.,
false) conclusions.


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