Class Dismissed but not Dissed: the Latin American Case

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Aug 16 13:45:25 MDT 2000

>   I'll make myself plain: I believe Marx to have been wrong in thinking
>that the proletariat would attain class consciousness by undergoing
>immiseration and witnessing the widening gap between it and the bourgeosie,
>with the role of communists being to bring together the common interests of
>all workers and provide leadership.

Is this Karl Marx you are referring to?

>   I believe Lenin to have been wrong (as it applies to today)in thinking
>the revolutionary party could bring political consciousness to the working
>class and ignite the Spark of revolution.

Lenin never wrote this way. He had a much more nuanced way of thinking and
expressing himself. This sounds more like Blanqui.

>  Revolution will come to Latin America only when Marxism is reborn as
>something other than, and goes beyond, a class movement.
>Julio Cesar

Sounds like you've been reading those post-marxists. Shame on you.

Louis Proyect

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