[L-I] Re: Interviews with Leaders of REsistance to NATO in Mitrovi

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at SPAMgmx.net
Tue Aug 15 11:37:46 MDT 2000

Tony Abdo wrote:

> Johannes, I doubt very seriously that Jared does not admit the suffering
> of Albanian Kosovares as you assert.


up to now I have nothing heard like this from Jared, but perhaps I just
missed it-

> I believe that the other camp blames Milosevic for where we're at.
> That Serb nationalism, rather than imperialism, bares the principle
> guilt.

I dont know who you define as 'the other camp', its certainly not me.
What I am simply saying is that Serb nationalism had its share in
pushing the majority of the Albanian society into the NATO camp.

> Isn't it a little bit disingenuous, this far down the road, to pose that
> both Serbs and Kosovars have a common enemy?

Disingeniuous or not, its the only way ahead.

> Is it the Serb, or the
> Albanian working class, that is supposed to take the lead  and hold out
> the olive branch of peace so that both can unite against NATO?

As long as the workers of the Balkan people are tight to nationalism the
history of Bosnia and Kosovo will repeat again and again. Its not a
matter of guilt an forgiving, but of developing a class position
regardless of nationality.

> I guess we are supposed to believe that the Kosovars want NATO to leave,
> so that Albanian democrats can go to work building a secular,
> multinational society society?

Tony, thats not a place for irony and sarcasm. I know very well that the
overhelming majority of Kosovo Albanian politicians wants an exclusive
Albaninan state, perhaps they will get it from their NATO masters, but
it will not be a solution to the problems of Kosovo. It will deepen the
split between Albanians and Serbs, the best guarantuee that NATO can
keep Kosovo as its colony.

I am sure some day the Albanian working class will understand this,
until than we can only promote the smallest split between NATO and the
Kosovo Albaninan society we can see.


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