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But I have just learnt that Nicholas II has been canonized. And I just
wanted  to send a little prayer. Would you just repost this piece of

"A gang of priests most likely vomited by Hell has decided that the
arch-bloodsucker, arch-criminal, arch-murderer Nicholas II and his
family deserve canonization.  In the name of my relatives who were
chased away from  Russia by the Black Hundreds, in the name of the
millions of downtrodden and  wretched who had to suffer his rule, in the
name of anything that is worthy in  human life, let us all pledge
together that  the Earth be heavy on the bones  of the Czar, his family,
and those who have canonized them. Amen. Nestor  Gorojovsky"

This event is another proof, if need be, that either there is no God, or
we  have been duped, and Satan is sitting at the Holy Chair. We are
living through  a repugnant age, not even Louis XVI deserved such a

Perhaps this is a reasonable coda to the thread on dialogue with

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