Class Dismissed but not Dissed: the Latin American Case

João Paulo Monteiro jpmonteiro at
Wed Aug 16 16:40:57 MDT 2000

Louis Proyect wrote:

> >  Revolution will come to Latin America only when Marxism is reborn as
> >something other than, and goes beyond, a class movement.
> >Julio Cesar
> Sounds like you've been reading those post-marxists. Shame on you.

In fact, this is also the central thesis in Marta Harnecker's latest book
'Haciendo possible a lo impossible'. A rebuff on "class reductionism".

I wonder how are we going to do away with capitalism without a class analysis
and class struggle. This reminds me of a passage by Rosa Luxembourg where she
pokes fun at revisionists within the SPD who would grab bourgeois society by the
collar but, alas, the gentleman didn't wear any collar.

I see nothing new here. The proletariat is the only class able to fight the
class struggle to the end. Other than that what we have populism, which is a
respectable and progressive political trend in Latin America (and elsewhere) but
can only be effective - obtaining palpable gains for the working classes -
within the margins given by imperialism and during an expansionist long wave of
the world accumulation cycle. These gains are easily reversible and populism
can't do anything about it.

João Paulo Monteiro

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