Class Dismissed but not Dissed: the Latin American Case

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Wed Aug 16 17:56:32 MDT 2000

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el 16 Aug 00, a las 23:21, João Paulo Monteiro dijo:

> The proletariat is the only class able to
> fight the class struggle to the end. Other than that what we have
> populism, which is a respectable and progressive political trend in
> Latin America (and elsewhere) but can only be effective - obtaining
> palpable gains for the working classes - within the margins given by
> imperialism and during an expansionist long wave of the world
> accumulation cycle. These gains are easily reversible and populism
> can't do anything about it.

Well, "populism" is a form of class struggle itself. But yes, if by
that you mean 'national bourgeois or petty bourgeois bonapartism', I
agree with you João Paulo.  Only that it is not only during expansive
long waves that such movements can offer something to the workers and
to the poor in general. Basically, they offer the battlefield for us,
radical socialists, to show up and demonstrate that only by pushing
revolution ahead and ahead can we get a lasting victory.

I am very puzzled by what Julio Pino has in the pocket, because I am
absolutely convinced that all the above he already knew. Maybe he was
just thinking of the stale ideology of crass "classism", and not in a
rejection of class struggle as such. But why not listen to him before
we debate?

He knows we are all sharpening the edges of our swords, so that he
seems to be doing the same with his sabre.

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