The End of History?

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Wed Aug 16 20:09:45 MDT 2000

Louis Proyect:

> complicates China's role in all this is the seeming willingness of the CCP
> leaders to privatize state industry and integrate itself into the world
> economy through WTO. I suspect that any moves to counteract this process
> will come through the ranks of the CCP, however, and not through any
> outside forces receiving aid from western NGO's or trade unions. Such is
> the dialectically complex legacy of Maoism. For those uncomfortable with
> complexity, look elsewhere.

NY Times 2 July 2000

Old-Line Communists at Odds With Party in China


SHENYANG, China -- For more than 40 years, Zhou Wei found success as
a Communist Party cadre in government bureaus and state-owned
enterprises, the kind of loyal official whose hard work kept the
gears of China's socialist industry turning. Colleagues and family
say he was a brilliant, if prickly, man who loved -- and still loves
-- the party.

But today he is in a labor camp, accused of organizing illegal
assemblies and inciting unrest in this depressed industrial city.
Since the mid-1990's, Mr. Zhou, 69, had led thousands of Shenyang's
revered old Communist cadres in a mounting series of protests and
petition campaigns against the local government, loudly denouncing
its corruption and its failure to look after the farmers, workers and
retirees it had pledged to serve.


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