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el 17 Aug 00, a las 15:49, Louis Proyect dijo:

> Hi Lou: A few canceled classes, a jog around the park, and some food
> for thought from your list have provoked me to write today.
> More about the FARC and Colombia - in reply to Owen and others
> Owen wrote a lot of things that point in the right direction in the
> discussion about Colombia, although his contribution is very distant
> from the Colombian reality.

I am not THAT sure that they are in general pointing in the right
direction, though I will refrain from a debate since I am short of
time and they contain some very interesting general points of view
which at least deserve serious consideration.

But yes, his contributions are very distant from the Colombian
reality. They remind me of my first and absolutely forgettable
attempts at writing something coherent on Spain, during the early
70s, with information that was at least twenty years outdated. Of
course I expected a proletarian revolution the day Franco died. I am
still waiting.

And this is what makes them quite useless for actual political work.

Anch'io sono pittore...

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