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> the "Anglo-American neo liberal" model. For example, however exclusive
> the EU seems, and despite the struggles among different fractions of
> capital over profit (agriculture versus industry in France against the
> free market model imposed by Germans), the EU exactly follows the US
> hegemonic model. Other regional blocks in the world, such as ASEAN,
> NAFTA, imitate the same model: reducing labor costs to expand profit
> globally and regionally.

The hell they do. The European Investment Bank is the largest single
investor in Eastern Europe; the EU gives piles of money to Ireland, Spain,
Portugal and Greece, and wrote off maybe one-eighth of Visegrad's foreign
debt; Japan has been bailing out Southeast Asia, while Malaysia and Taiwan
are starting to make noises about creating an Asian currency unit; etc.
The new metropoles are very, *very* different beasts from the

-- Dennis

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