[L-I] Re: a clip of bourgeois news on Colombia

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Fri Aug 18 03:07:03 MDT 2000

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From: "Johannes Schneider" <Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net>

> Owen,
> first of all welcome back to L-I.
> I agree with most of what you have said about the need for
> peasant-worker alliance and the class character of guerilla movements,
> but havent there been historic examples of rural guerilla armies winning
> state power without the active support of the urban working class?
> I am thinking of China, Cuba, Nicaragua and more recently
> Eritrea/Ethiopia, Uganda, Ruanda and Congo/Zaire. Perhaps I am lumping
> together too many different cases but sometimes we have to question our
> dogma in the light of historic evidence.
> Johannes

allow me to intervene ahead of time: the problem is, they produce
"Stalinism", which is ultimately no answer, what is needed is proletarian
revolution led by workers councils.

Not my politics, but the answer I can smell through my computer screen from
5000 km away.


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