Self Determination- Support It!

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Aug 18 11:10:28 MDT 2000

>Recently, the same charged emotions about supporting Chechen self
>determination flared again.     These comrades just seem to be
>sitting arround, waiting for the capitalist media to emotionalize a
>propaganda attack against Russian brutality.       Then they willl
>start their hysteria about how socialists have to support the defeat of
>the Russians.

Well, the problem is that the west has an entirely different attitude
toward Russia than it does toward Yugoslavia. In fact despite all the
hoopla coming out of Stratfor, there is some indication that Yeltsin cut a
deal with Nato during the bombing of Belgrade. He would leave the Serbs to
their own devices if the west would allow him to "do a Nato" on the Chechens.

The west is doing everything it can to throttle Yugoslavia, while it
continues to bend over backwards to work with Putin. Clinton described
Putin as a great leader in Time Magazine, whose war in Chechnya was meant
to control disorder. In the previous war against Chechnya, Clinton likened
Yeltsin to Lincoln who needed to preserve the union.

Furthermore, Milosevic earned the animosity of the west for being somewhat
recalcitrant about those inconvenient state-owned enterprises like the
mines in Trecpa that Diane Johnstone and Jared Israel have commented on.
But Putin, following the example of Yeltsin, has been pushing ahead
full-blast with the privatization of state industry. During the fiercest
bombing of Chechnya, the United States gave the green light to a billion
dollar low-interest loan to the Kremlin. This loan was to be used to soften
the blow of privatizing Russian mines.

The truth is concrete.

Louis Proyect

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