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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Aug 18 12:57:20 MDT 2000

>You've created an odd-bag here, Tony. China, a worker's state, is lumped
>together with Russia,an imperialist wannabe state, with Iraq, a former
>client state of the US, with the Balkans(whatever that means).This is
>geopolitics, not Marxian analysis of the national question.
>Julio Cesar

I think the answer to this is to somehow prevent Tony and Jared Israel from
ever reading again, where a lot of this 'geopolitics'
mumbo-jumbo comes from. One of the people who works at stratfor showed up
on pen-l. He turned out to be a guy just out of graduate school with a
sketchy idea of world politics. How these people manage to bamboozle so
many leftists on the Internet is beyond me. I think it's because they have
the reputation of being some kind of shadowy think-tank with an 'inside
track' to ruling class strategic thinking. My foot. Could anybody refer us
to a Marxist version of a V-chip that would block out

Louis Proyect

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