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Comrade Anthony, I think you misundestood me. I never referred to lefties in a
"condensending" manner! It is suprising how you got that impression. When I was
referring to "lefties" in the globalization part of my post, I was not referring
to you.I was making a general comment about why the lefties have suddenly
discovered the concept globalization. That was all. Nothing to make a big deal
about this, me thinks.

Thanks for your invaluable information.


> >Please Xxxx. I want to ask a stylistic favor from you. Please stop
> >referring to "lefties" in such a condescending know-it-all way. You >may
> >know more than some other lefties, but you are a lefty. And other >leftists
> >deserve some measure of respect simply for being on the left. Still >others
> >deserve some measure of respect because they really do know some >things
> >that you do not.
> Anthony
> Louis Proyect
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