workers councils and democracy?

Norman Mikalac mikalac at
Fri Aug 18 16:33:30 MDT 2000

thank you for your highly interesting and erudite essay, owen.  i hope
you will not have a headache from your proposed hangover, nor from the
comments on it.  from the following piece:

  Will working class political power will be exercised through workers'
> councils? I suppose so, I cannot really think of a better way, although the
> character of such organs will vary according to the peculiar cultural
> conditions of a particular nation. You can't be a Leninist if you disbelieve
> in the role of the proletariat, or in the exercise of political power by the
> working class, or other democratic aspects of the dictatorship of the
> proletariat like the drawing into the administration of the workers' state
> of all the masses or the right of democratic recall, etc.,  or if you
> believe in the political dictatorship of the bureaucracy with a supreme
> leader strongman at the top, the deprivation of the political power of
> working class people, etc.

human nature being what it is, acquisitive and selfish with an
undersupply of altruism, how can the "working class" do anything but
break up inevitably into factions with the consequent struggle for power
that we see through all of human history in ALL groups of whatever
"ism".  the "ins" and "outs" of political office, even if elected by
workers councils with all the requisite democratic features, seeking
economic advantages over each other and becoming the "haves" and "have
nots", with or w/o property, all over again with struggle,
counterrevolution, counter-counter, etc.  we see and theorize about
utopias, but unless the geneticists can exorcize our selfish and
acquisitive genes, i can't see how the utopias can flourish.

maybe someone out there can explain it all to me, assuming no change to
human nature.


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