a clip of bourgeois news on Colombia

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Fri Aug 18 16:39:08 MDT 2000

To the list,
 Owen says:

> I have to say, it must
> be pretty damn tough being a Maoist in a country with no peasants
> (shopkeepers any substitute?), but I'll let that one drop.

Just so there is no confusion, while my admiration for Mao and the Chinese
Revolution runs extremely deep, I am not a Maoist. I'm not an anything other
than possibly Marxist-Leninist. Labels are boring and intellectually
stifling, IMO. I don't really want to enter on a side of an irrelevant, 70+
year old debate. I have yet to come across a thinker that didn't make
glaring errors, such as even Marx on ther likelihood of revolutions starting
in the core and spreading to the periphery, for example. And if you can
start by knocking Marx down a peg, you will be a very healthy Marxist, IMHO.

Other than that, I have little to say to this rant, besides a quick apology
to Owen who (correctly) guesses my little dig was directed at him. I
finished my course work yesterday and typed that up after making rather
merry in the evening. I have talked with this man several times off-list,
and that is why listmembers have had the misfortune to witness our bizarre
little squabbles. Sorry to have wasted so much bandwidth on such utter

As in jolly ol' England,

    Cheers chap...


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