Self Determination- Support It!

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Fri Aug 18 16:58:01 MDT 2000

This comment by me provoked such a reaction, Jose.......     Why is it
you need names?      It seems to me that you are being the McCarthyite

I believe that the truth of what I have said about the selective focus
of some tendencies in how they bring up struggles for self
determination, hits the bullseye square on the nail.

The truth is, that it is hard to find comrades talking about self
determination -AND USING THOSE WORDS- in relation to Yugoslavia, Russia,
Indonesia, or even Colombia and Iraq, as I mentioned.

Feel free to name names of where I am incorrectly not mentioning others,
that have consistently talked about Self Determination as an issue
outside of The Big Three (Kosovo, East Timor, and Chechnya).
Anybody struggling for Georgian self determination, for example?

In regards to US policy against the former Soviet Union?     It is
simply a carrot and stick approach.    Not hard to understand.

Putin, cooperate with us, and you get a small slice of the pie and we go
easy.    Fight us, and our control of the world press will paint you as
the most evil human being ever to set foot in the universe.
Comrades standing by to launch.    They are ready to make you, Putin,
THE ISSUE.       We will smash you.

But the issue is more than Russia and Chechnya, it is also Russia and
the imperialist countries.      The standard procedure of how politics
is carried out by the empire?     Splt the opposition, then favor one
side over the other, and negociate with both at the same time.      One
minute the press is hammering away at how brutal the Russians are, the
next minute a relapse.    One minute the Chechens are invited to
Washington DC, the next moment, a distance again.

There is not the least doubt about the brutality of war carried out by
Russians against Germans of World War 2, Yugoslavia in Kosovo when NATO
launched its offensive, Russia against Chechnya, Indonesia against the
Timorese, Chinese in Tibet, or Iraq against Kuwait.      But these were
still all struggles to maintain self determination over national
territories under attack by imperial powers.

One can judge some cases to be weaker than others.     As in the case of
Indonesia fighting to maintain East Timor in its sphere.    But the fact
is, Australia was fighting to split East Timor off into the Aussie

Others could raise many an objection to Iraqi or Chinese claims.     And
what claim did Russia have over the Ukraine as it drove the NAZIs out?
Does NATO have more right to military bases in Bosnia than Yugoslavia?
Raise the banner of self determination there.    And why not?

In conclusion, Jose, I'd appreciate if you didn't call me a bastard just
because you don't like what I have to say.   Have a good day now.   And
best wishes.

My previous comment-
It soon became apparent, that these emotionally distraught Marxists,
became only overwraught in the cases of 3 national struggles. Other
struggles seemed to not provoke any real interest at all. The three
cases were....Kosovo, Chechnya, and East Timor. Why weren't these
comrades cheering so wildly for the self determination struggles of
other groups? <<

Jose's response-
Little Tony Abdo has run out of arguments and now has stooped to the
most vulgar sort of amalgam and fabrication.
Name names, you McCarthyite son of a bitch.      Either that, or shut

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