Ownership of Trepca (Re: Self Determination- Support It!)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Fri Aug 18 20:15:46 MDT 2000

Johannes cited something from a George Soros website to prove that Trepca
had been privatized or at least partially privatized. Or at least the
question of ownership is "a lot more complicated" than I described.
Although the Soros website prose is kinda hard to follow, one paragraph
stood out:

>Mytilineos expressed the importance he placed on Trepca in December 1998
>saying it has contributed decisively to the further development of his
>company.31 Curiously only days later in January 1999, he launched a
>lawsuit in Belgrade due to the failure of the Trepca deal.32 In April
>during the bombing campaign Mytilineos was reported to be 'furious' with
>the regime and was claiming compensation for Belgrade's failure to
>deliver on their contract.33 Along with a leading hotel in Belgrade and
>other enterprises, Mytilineos Holding SA have also claimed that Trepca
>is theirs.34

Now I may be a little foggy after a couple of bottles of saki, but this
seems pretty cut and dried to me. The Greek investors cut a deal with the
Serb government to gain control over the Trepca mines. After laying out a
half-billion dollars they got shafted (pun intended). This made them seek
legal damages. They were furious with the Serbs. They claim that "Trepca is
theirs" but the dastardly Serbs have different ideas.

Isn't this the basic problem between the imperialists and the Serbs? The
Serbs keep reneging on promises to behave themselves. Instead of acting as
docile as the Bulgarians or the Romanians, they keep backtracking and
changing their mind about this 'privatization' stuff. Even though the whole
Titoist model is based on cutting deals with the west, these untrustworthy
Serbs keep disappointing Western investors. No wonder it was necessary to
bomb the shit out of them. That'll teach them.

Louis Proyect
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