McKinley expulsion: SACP leader responds

Patrick Bond pbond at
Fri Aug 18 22:56:16 MDT 2000

> From:          Hylton White <hjwhite1 at>

Thanks for the post. At the lefty thinktank Alternative
Information and Development Centre ( ), Dale
gave a talk last night on the ANC and the liberation movement
traditions, and appeared completely unintimidated.

Best line from Jeremy Cronin:

> His views may even be right. But
> they are not compatible with the principles of the SACP

So the phrase now, is the SA Confusionist Party... And for the
rest of us, it's time to 'fess up: we're "ultras."

Thus when in Durban a couple of nights ago drinking with the branch
leaders of the ultras there, I learned of their efforts, heads held
high now, to generate a kind of feel-good, stylish greeting for
fellow left-left dissidents. Instead of "Hey ta, com!," the greeting
of choice, to capture a Euro-trendiness, is "Hey, m'ooltra!," with
just that bit of italianesque roll of the r that sounds so nice in a
township shebeen.

And fellow-travellers of the SACP, as I have been for the last
decade, have now got a clear signal to jump off the bus...

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