workers councils and democracy?

Patrick Bond pbond at
Sat Aug 19 00:39:11 MDT 2000

I just saw an interesting (1999) PhD on this, from a London
university (forget which), very much in the Ev.Psych. tradition but
adding a dash of decent politics. A guy called David Erdahl, who runs
a worker self-management centre in England (which gets support
from Stiglitz's talented radical pal in the World Bank, David
Ellerman), compared Northern Italian towns, using as the main basis
for contrast the extent of self-management in local enterprises. He
did lots of surveying of various social indicators, and concluded
that there is a strong case for collectivity overcoming
individualism. It's not about genetics, but having coops as a
hegemonic building block for local social relations.

(And this doesn't imply we want to use coops as vanguard for
socialist revolution.)

> Subject:       Re: workers councils and democracy?
> unless the geneticists can exorcize our selfish and
> acquisitive genes, i can't see how the utopias can flourish.
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