workers councils and democracy?

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Yes, the Southern Italians are supposed to be not selfish, but "amoral
famialists" -- unable to cooperate.

A'Hearn, Brian. 2000. "Could Southern Italians Cooperate? Banche Popolari
in the Mezzogiorno."
The Journal of Economic History, 60: 1 (March): pp. 67-9

shows that they could.

Instead, it seems that their behavior was a rational adaptive response to
poverty, which became transformed into a kind of "racism," especially
since S. Italy, especially Sicilly seems to have had a strong influx of
immigrants from Africa, sometime in the very distant past.

Patrick Bond wrote:

> I just saw an interesting (1999) PhD on this, from a London
> university (forget which), very much in the Ev.Psych. tradition but
> adding a dash of decent politics. A guy called David Erdahl, who runs
> a worker self-management centre in England (which gets support
> from Stiglitz's talented radical pal in the World Bank, David
> Ellerman), compared Northern Italian towns, using as the main basis
> for contrast the extent of self-management in local enterprises. He
> did lots of surveying of various social indicators, and concluded
> that there is a strong case for collectivity overcoming
> individualism. It's not about genetics, but having coops as a
> hegemonic building block for local social relations.
> (And this doesn't imply we want to use coops as vanguard for
> socialist revolution.)
> > Subject:       Re: workers councils and democracy?
> > unless the geneticists can exorcize our selfish and
> > acquisitive genes, i can't see how the utopias can flourish.
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