Ownership of Trepca (Re: Self Determination- Support It!)

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Sat Aug 19 16:09:53 MDT 2000

On 19 Aug 00, at 9:50, Johannes Schneider wrote in response to Louis

> I think in this respect Yugoslavia is no exception. Given the mafia
> style of privatisation in eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union
> quarells between the thieves and those ones buying the looted property
> must follow almost instantly.
> Johannes

There is a significant difference between the situation in Yugoslavia and
the rest of Eastern Europe.

The Yugoslavs stood up to the KLA/UCK puppet army and defeated
them, refused to sign to Rambouillet accords which would have imposed
a NATO/US protectorate on their country, withstood 78 days of viciously
intense US-led NATO bombing directed against their civilian infastructure
and not their military. (Only 14 Yugoslav tanks were destroyed in those
78 days, for example.)

The workers in the Trepca mines resisted the KFOR/NATO seizure, and
major demonstrations were scheduled for this weekend.

It appears to me, at least, that the Yugoslavs are still resisting US &
European imperialism and the question is how to give them effective
political and more support. Solidarity, informed solidarity for sure, is a
mjaor weapon in our struggle against US & European imperialism.

/greg dunkel

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