[Re:jihad and revolution in chechnya]

Riad Koubaisi hamman at SPAMinco.com.lb
Sun Aug 20 06:15:14 MDT 2000

 I am really thrilled of the last disscusion, the are really informative
specially that they disscused subjects that have to do with the third
world, but if you please i have to comment on some points :
although i really admire comrade abu nasser info about sufism but i dont
agree with him concerning  some points:
Abu Nasser wrote:
{Throughout the Muslim world since Abu
Hamid al-Ghazali died in 1111, Sufism has been a part of established
Sufism is not some sect; it is a dimension of Islamic thought and
that is totally intermingled with other aspects of Islamic thought and
Since you mentioned Gazali , I know from what i read and studied about
him that he considered sufism  the sect that will rescue{ and this
talking is in his book [al monkiz mn al dlal] the saver from the strays.
Gazali considering was based on mohamad talk who said my nation will be
devided  into 71 sect one of them will rescue. and by that i thinkechn
that sufism is a sect.
Abu Nasser wrote:
{You said Islam is "Din wa-dawla" (religion and the state) while Sufis,
say, are depoliticised or secular.  But this kind of dichotomy doesn't
Many Sufis have insisted on the importance of Islamic law and practice.}

   i dont think so, since sufi believe that state is not important ,to
them the love of god is every thing.

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