jihad and revolution in chechnya

Abu Nasr abu-nasr at SPAMusa.net
Sun Aug 20 07:28:04 MDT 2000

Dear Riad!

I don't want to go over what I wrote before, but mainly I'm talking about
social reality and historical reality.  There are lots of examples of Sufis
involved in politics, including the Naqshbandiya running the rebellion in
Chechnya under Imam Shamil, the Jannisaries (Yeniceriler) in Ottoman Turkey,
and all kinds of `ulama' who worked with the state but were members of turuq
(Sufi orders).  Yes, theoretically, "only God matters" for the Sufis.  But
life hasn't always been that clear.

Similarly, what al-Ghazali thought about Sufism is one thing, what they have
become since al-Ghazali is something else.  My point is that since al-Ghazali
Sufi ideas are widely accepted as part of "Islam".  Lots of the
fundamentalists read al-Ghazali and like him.

I agree that Sufism is a distinct current in Islam, but what I was trying to
say is that it is incorrect to separate Islam and Sufism and say that
Chechnya, for example is "Sufi," and so it has "no Islamic heritage," the way
some people were writing.

Revolutionary greetings!

Abu Nasr

Riad Koubaisi <hamman at inco.com.lb> wrote:
 I am really thrilled of the last disscusion, the are really informative
specially that they disscused subjects that have to do with the third
world, but if you please i have to comment on some points :
although i really admire comrade abu nasser info about sufism but i dont
agree with him concerning  some points:
Abu Nasser wrote:
{Throughout the Muslim world since Abu
Hamid al-Ghazali died in 1111, Sufism has been a part of established
Sufism is not some sect; it is a dimension of Islamic thought and
that is totally intermingled with other aspects of Islamic thought and
Since you mentioned Gazali , I know from what i read and studied about
him that he considered sufism  the sect that will rescue{ and this
talking is in his book [al monkiz mn al dlal] the saver from the strays.
Gazali considering was based on mohamad talk who said my nation will be
devided  into 71 sect one of them will rescue. and by that i thinkechn
that sufism is a sect.
Abu Nasser wrote:
{You said Islam is "Din wa-dawla" (religion and the state) while Sufis,
say, are depoliticised or secular.  But this kind of dichotomy doesn't
Many Sufis have insisted on the importance of Islamic law and practice.}

   i dont think so, since sufi believe that state is not important ,to
them the love of god is every thing.

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