Human Nature (was: Workers Councils?)

Les Schaffer godzilla at
Sun Aug 20 10:08:10 MDT 2000

Mac mused:

> A little illustration I was told once remains the best for me. Take
> 100 people and put them in an enclosed space, such as an island or a
> large set of gymansiums, whatever. [snip] Extend inside the area
> food for 90 people,

a related way of thinking:

Take a million Spanish-speaking students in California and remove
bilingual education ......

Increase in Test Scores Counters Dire Forecasts for Bilingual Ban


CEANSIDE, Calif., Aug. 17 -- Two years after Californians voted to end
bilingual education and force a million Spanish-speaking students to
immerse themselves in English as if it were a cold bath, those
students are improving in reading and other subjects at often striking
rates, according to standardized test scores released this week.


In fact, so much English is spoken by parents and children and
teachers in Oceanside that Gabriela Díaz, 8, who is entering the third
grade, has experienced an unforeseen consequence of Proposition 227.

"When my friends from Mexico come here," she said, "I don't understand
what they're saying."


les schaffer

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