FWD: Dale McKinley - Workers' Aid Letter to SACP

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 Since there was discussion about this on the list and comrades are
acquainted with the comrade in question, I am forwarding the reply from
Workers' Aid for your information. I have cut out the charges against him
and Dale's reply since they have already been posted on the list as far as I
am aware.

 Cheers - Owen

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Subject: SACP expells socialist critic

Please forward this letter to labour movement organisations.

Dale McKinley has been a long term member of the South African Communist
Party.  He has just been expelled for writing articles criticising the
leaders of the ANC and COSATU for their failure to address the problems of
the South African masses.

Below are 3 items.
      1 A letter Workers Aid  proposes to send to the SACP condemning the
expulsion.  We ask you to add your support to this by emailing us on
work2 at workersaid.org or by directly mailing  the SACP Deputy General
Secretary, Jeremy Cronin, at sacp1 at wn.apc.org    Please also send messages
of support to Dale at drdalet at sn.apc.org

2 The charges laid against McKinley by the SACP

3 McKinley's response to these charges#

You can read articles written by Dale McKinley at

Letter To the SACP.

You  expelled  Dale McKinley from the SACP because he criticised the leaders
of the ANC and COSATU for accepting capitalism.  You will not tolerate
criticisms of your alliance partners.
For many years the strategy of  the SACP was based on the idea that South
Africa would one day join the  growing camp of 'truly existing socialism' ,
centred on the Soviet Union. That perspective is now dead.  Working people
all across Eastern Europe rose up against their so called 'communist
leaders' and showed  them to be dictators who did not care about the lives
of ordinary people. There was no socialism.  It was a fraud and the truth is
now out.
Yet at the same time capitalism is pushing more and more of the world into
poverty and war, like in the Congo. So every revolutionary fighter for
working class liberation has to think about how we are going to arrive at a
socialist society.  To stop discussion on this, after the collapse of the
whole 'soviet scheme' is an attempt to stop the workers movement learning
anything from past mistakes.
One thing is now clear after the Russian experience - there will never be
any 'top down' road to socialism. Only the self organisation of the working
people themselves can confront capital and find new, better ways to organise
society - all the experiences of the great struggle in SA have shown that
very well.
Which outlook better assists this self organisation of the masses - your
outlook that people should shut up and accept the policies being pursued by
the ANC / COSATU or Dale McKinley's that the working class, particularly in
COSATU, should break from the alliance, assert its own independence and
struggle for workers' interests?
Are  ANC - COSATU policies are moving SA towards socialism? We will leave
the verdict on this to the working people,  the unemployed,  the squatters
and township inhabitants.  Have  the basic conditions of life got better or
worse for the majority of black South Africans in the years since ANC was
elected? Does the ANC have policies that will solve the problem of
unemployment, bring about good housing,  free health care and education,
proper protection for workers?  They do not.  The direction has been
steadily in the opposite direction.  It is capital and the bosses that have
found greater and greater protection under the ANC.
We call upon you to reinstate Dale McKinley and to open up a discussion on
the questions he raises throughout your ranks and throughout the workers
movement.  Such a discussion can only strengthen the camp of socialism which
needs  to reassess its strategy.

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