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From:    LA  Workers' Voice-- Internationalist Notes
DATE:   7/24/00 11:17 PM

RE:      Demopublicans to LA Teachers--"Drop Dead"

Teachers,psychologists, classified workers, and students  in the LAUSD are
under mounting  attacks.  Standardized Test tyranny, politicized Peer
Reveiw Boards, overcrowded classes, lack of  relevant/inspiring  texts,
modern science materials, and other classroom essentials are forcing
teachers to dig deeper into their own pockets. Added bungalow construction
has practically replaced new school construction.  Divisive Merit Pay
schemes are also in the works.

The corporate owned mass media excells in  and Public Education bashing,
and Teacher bashing in particular .The attacks are  pure demagogy on part
of the rich and their corporations. They want to keep the anger of   the
working class away from the ruling class and the capitalist system. They
take billions in tax breaks and other special tax loopholes. In this way,
public education and LAUSD in particular has lost billions of dollars in
funding over the last decade alone and hence the quality of education for
students  deteriorates.  The rulers need  to get every dollar  they can out
of our hides as they need to remain competitive in this dog-eat-gog  profit
system, and they want us to pay for their wealth- and power to exploit us.

The unions have served us up one rotten contract after another. Their
philosophy of  "win-win" is a mirage.
When the rich and the LAUSD administration win, we waged  workers lose.
Power never concedes anything without the demand --and struggle.  Since our
 bosses  have gotten their way so easily, they no longer have any respect
at all for us.  That is a main reason why they  feel confident they can get
away with it yet again.
While top  LAUSD administrative bosses  are getting 25%-35% pay raises !
They want us to accept  3%, 4% or 5%, which is really just  yet another PAY
CUT  for us when rising inflation is figured in!

Just for example, here is our  latest lesson in *fairness* and 'democracy",
courtesy of the Richard Riordan/30 Corporate Fat Cats bought-and-paid-for
LAUSD School Board.
Position                                                           Old
salary                                     New Salary
Superintendent                                           $192,454.00
Chief Operating Officer                                150,287.00
General Council                                            141,886.00
Chief  Operating Officer                               144,794.00
Chief Financial Officer                                  144,794.00
Chief Facilities Executive                             144,794.00
SubDistrict Supts. (11 positions)                    New
Source: UTLA  Mobilizer dtd. 7/7/00 & LAUSD.

This is a real crime! Just look at the track record of  the bloated bosses.
 NO "Accountabillty" for them! Crumbling schools, students  sharing  Reagan
era  texts,  the  Belmont  High and South Gate fiascoes, Marvin Ave.
Elementary School  FEMA funds stolen,  Faked pay-cards for phantom family
members at Le Conte Middle School. The list is  almost endless.  Where is
the  ADMINISTRATIVE FAT CATS Accountability?
Oh yes, and now we certificated and classified employees, the hoi palloi,
are told to get hot and be more efficient and be held "Accountable"-- "or
else!".  Is this not but another two-faced sham directed from our ruler
thru the Bi-partisan Sacramento  politicians down to their School Board

And speaking of these worthies. What of the  current $12.5 billion state
surplus? But only $1.84 Billion went to the  K-12 schools statewide . A
$12.5 Billion Surplus! That would mean under Prop. 98 that the K-12 schools
should have gotten 40% of $12.5 billion or $5 Billion, not $1.84 billion.
We  have been robbed,  but in a 'bi-partisan" and "democratic' way of
course.  Extra billions for  prison construction  and paying off interest
to the bankers is much more important !
So if  $227 million of $1.84 Billion was sent to LAUSD  then  we should
have really  should have gotten  about  $613 million if Prop 98 guidelines
were followed.

But $227 million is what LAUSD got and the Board says only  $72 million is
for increased pay/benefits. But UTLA President  Day  Higuchi and other UTLA
leaders alibi for the  Governor and the Legislature yet  again. If Gray
Davis  and the Democratic Party controlled Legislature  had meant the Board
to do otherwise,  they could have publically humiliated the Board if they
did not deliver the goods.  But they did not.  When Assemblywoman  Gloria
Romero & Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa  say they are against the
"me-too"  raises for  administrators but for high pay to retain/recruit
teachers at teacher  meetings, they are lying. They posess the political
clout  to bring the Board to heel right now. The Democratic Party controls
both  the State Senate, the Assembly and the Governors Mansion.  But when
it comes to Public School funding, this is usually  done in a 'bi-partisan'
spirit with the Republicans.

School employees, students and  their parents need unity in struggle . The
powers- that- be  will not retreat unless mass organization ,struggle and
mass actions force them to. We need to build up our forces and this is not
a one-way street. If we want the students and parents to support  our
class demands, we  should in turn show that we are willing to join in and
build  their  struggles against  capitals offensive  as well. We cannot win
this fight alone, it is part of  a social-class battle..

Los Angeles Workers' Voice-Internationalist Notes , Box 57483, Los Angeles,
CA 90057
Communist-left web : http://www.ibrp.org                   July 25, 2000


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