Re: Fwd [GLW}: EAST TIMOR: Jose Ramos Horta: 'CNRT will ?==?iso-8859-1?Q?cease to exist'

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Sun Aug 20 15:38:56 MDT 2000


> In response to what he called "East Timor's rumour mill", Horta defended
> the CNRT against charges that it was divided and fractious. He pointed out
> that the CNRT was unlike many resistance organisations in other countries,
> which, once in power, tended not to include those who had previously
> opposed the resistance. He cited the African National Congress and
> Nicaragua's FSLN as examples.

Interesting... the DSP has (to my view, correctly) been supporting the
struggle against the SACP's sell-out politics in S Africa... should I gather
from this post that a similar pattern of handing down power to the outright
bourgeoisie is being promoted by the DSP comrades? If the FSLN is a model
for anything, it would seem to be a model for the continuing need to hold up
arms and stay vigilant. The ANC has become a different matter entirely.


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