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Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Sun Aug 20 16:46:21 MDT 2000

List: Awhile ago I received this mail off-list.

At another glance, I am curious if there may be any further comments on it
that comrades can bring forth?

breath not quite baited...


> Hello,  Mac
> Some figures in this world cause headache...
> DPRK - Russia relations...  the geopolitical angle of view.
> What I  mean is that the military aspect seems quite serious in the light
> of the new DPRK - Russia papers....
> "The DPRK and Russia express the willingness to get in touch with each
> other without delay if the danger of aggression to the DPRK or to Russia
> created or when is the need to have consultations and cooperate with each
> other under the circumstances where peace and security are threatened"...
> This means common readiness for defence... hmm.  At the same time Mr.
> has contacted the highest levels of China and India in the same sense.
> Mr. Putin has rejected American proposals for the so called missile shield
> arrangements.
> It is rather obvious that NATO  is going to have an eastern counterpart
and the
> relations between NATO and the borning new military block are  not
> This is not a question of socialism. This is raw geopolitics.
> In Korea the contemporary situation means that the plans for reunification
> can obviously be forgotten. No state union is possible if foreign troops
> are in the area. Americans will never leave south Korea if north Korea is
> by any means allied with some possibly hostile or suspectable state.
> Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il have done their utmost to promote the
> reunification process at Korean peninsula.  The south has rejected those
> proposals always, without a single exception. Even the last top meeting
> not lead to any practically significant results.
> This new tie with Russia is obviously north Korea´s answer to the
> negative attitude in south. I think both Kims knew what is before when
> smiled to each other in publicity in Pyongyang in June.
> All the cooperation  papers and the Russian legislative papers were ready
> in two days hours after Putin´s visit to Pyonyang.  This means that they
> have been ready long ago.
> Was this the basis of sudden meeting of Korean Leaders?  Kim Jong Il has
> been fed up with the south´s delay when handling the reunification issue.
> So he had this card in his pocket when meeting the president of south. Kim
> Jong Il knows that the US troops in south Korea will not leave without
> strong pressure. This may have been  the last test with the negative
> results.
> In addition to south Korea Yankees have military bases in Japan. Taiwan
> belongs to this chain. USA  has furnished the Pakistan army with modern
> weapons. USA has armed Ukraine, Georgia  and Hungary.  USA flatters
> Vietnam. EU military will no doubt be subjugated under NATO.
> Russia has rapidly rebuilt their arms industry.  Obviously Russia arms
> Byelorussia. Russia has furnished south Cyprus with heavy and modern
> weapons. There is a lot of heavy brand new Russian armament in Egypt.
> Russia is ready to improve DPRK missile systems. Russian military aid to
> Yugoslavia can be expected.
> And what more...
> Is the Caspian oil THAT important? Are we really approaching WW III?
> Or.... is the eastern block after all subjucated to the western
> geopolitical powers? What do they in fact think in the Kremlin...?
> All what has been said above is nothing but speculations.  Thus questions
> above are only rethoric.
> But think it over... what is up... once again in the history. People use
> say "no, that is impossible".  We have heard those words too many times in
> the past...
> All the best.
> Comradely.

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