[L-I] Re: a clip of bourgeois news on Colombia

Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Thu Aug 17 22:37:02 MDT 2000

Louis correctly underlined the significance of the M19/ Union Patriotica
experience in Colombia.      FARC has the classic characteristic of a
National Popular Front, resisting a capitalist government, now propped
up by an imperialistic foreign power.

To construe an armed struggle fighting a guerilla war, as somehow being
a peasant movement, is entirely wrong here.     This is a national
multi-class resistance fighting for its life.      It is the illegal
Left, as opposed to the legal Left.     The legal Left has no power to
defend itself, while the illegal Left does.

The FARC and ELN are not about to repeat easily the same errors that the
Colombian Left repeatedly made in the past.      It is clear that it
would simply be total suicide to the fighters involved, and the
communities they come from, to accept the same verbal promises as made
before, by the Colombian elite.

This movement is not Sendero Luminoso, no matter what its ideological
defects might be.     In fact, they are almost a saintly crew, compared
to those they fight.

Tony Abdo

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