Bilingual Education was Re: Human Nature

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Mon Aug 21 02:33:20 MDT 2000

Les, I'm not sure what you meant by posting that horrible article from
the New York Times by Jacques Steinberg about Bilingual Ed here on the
Were you endorsing their conservative position about Bilingual Ed?

<"When my friends from Mexico come here," she said, "I don't understand
what they're saying."> is how the article ended.
Says it all, in a way.      This is the failure of the anti- Bilingual
Ed  people.     They have drilled out of the people their own native
tongue.    But then to the anti immigrant/ anti- Bilingual Ed crowd,
that is a success, right?

I know, the article wasn't even talking about that, really.      All
they were concerned with was test scores.      But then they didn't test
for second language skills.      Then what would the net result have

It is not surprising that the test scores as done actually improved.
The Bilingual Ed programs were being used for tracking kids downward.
Eliminating these programs in their present form can actually almost be
a positive.       But not quite.

Would it not be better to just use the immigrant kids as a resource to
teach the English only kids another language?      Now that would be
true Bilingual Ed.      Plus, it would give the Spanish, and other
language speaking kids pride in being more advanced, in their own way.

What did this article have to do with human nature out of curiosity?


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