Fwd (GLW): EAST TIMOR: Jose Ramos Horta: 'CNRT will cease to exist'

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Mon Aug 21 04:34:14 MDT 2000

> The article doesn't contain a big slab of "this is what the DSP thinks
> about it", and it is normal to read quotations without comment as being
> approval, so I am not surprised that you are puzzled.  On the other hand,
> many Green Left articles quote viewpoints that are not those of the DSP,
> are written by people who are not DSP members.  This just means that you
> have to read a little more carefully.

alright...that answers my question.

> Would you prefer that each article end with three demands, of which the
> last is: "Build the (Revolutionary Sect X), the Australian section of
> (International Sect Y)"?  The Healyites come pretty close to doing that.
> It has the advantage of clarity, even if it is mainly clear that the
> authors are crackpots.

Nope, definitely not.


> Alan Bradley
> alanb at elf.brisnet.org.au

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