38 armymen, militants killed in Algeria

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21 August 2000

38 armymen, militants killed in Algeria
ALGIERS, Algeria: Clashes between security forces and alleged militants have
left 38 people dead in the past several days, Algerian media reported on
The latest deaths come as the army continues its crackdown on Islamic
militants who have refused an offer of partial amnesty by President
Abdelaziz Bouteflika. The offer was open to insurgents who were not guilty
of rape, murder or bombings and who handed in their weapons.
Despite Bouteflika's efforts to bring reconciliation to the North African
nation, violence continues on a nearly daily basis. About 100,000 people
have been killed since an Islamic insurgency broke out in 1992, when the
army canceled elections that a now-banned Islamic party was poised to win.
After security forces launched an offensive Friday near Ain Defla, about 120
km west of Algiers, 23 alleged armed militants and four community guards
died in the fighting, Le Matin daily said. Combat helicopters circled the
mountainous region, dropping rockets, the daily said.
Also Friday in nearby El-Main, attackers ambushed security agents who were
combing the area for militants, killing six community guards and wounding a
seventh, Liberte daily said. In Amedjoudh, east of Algiers, two soldiers and
a community guard were killed Friday in an ambush, La Tribune newspaper
Near Ain Bessem, also east of the capital, two alleged Islamic militants
were killed and three others arrested Thursday during an army search
operation, Liberte said.
On Saturday, Algerian media reported that a series of attacks Thursday near
Bouira, 120 km east of the capital, left three people dead and two wounded.
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