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Norm, Lord Kinross's book is a classic. Mind you that he approaches
Kemalism with a British orientalist sympathy. The same line of sympathy
can be found in American Bernard Lewis's book "Emergence of Modern
Turkey". I should admit that it is a classic, so it must be read. At the
time, most of these orientalists were very inspired by modernizing
reforms of Kemal Atuturk (new alphabet, women's rights, secularism,
etc..). They wanted to see a "modern capitalist" Turkey that would
satisfy the image of the West. Briefly, they were pro American. If I am
not mistaken at the moment, Lewis's book must have been published after
W.W.II. The period was a period of mushrooming Middle Eastern "area
studies" in American universities. In that respect, the books of
American orientalists were quite instrumental in promoting the interests
of the US in the region.

Hey! my undgrad institution was established by American missionaries the
same time these books were in. As a result, French schools were pissed
for loosing their cultural hegemony in Turkey. Their graduates still
maintain this inter-imperialist feeling of superiority!




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