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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Aug 21 14:04:18 MDT 2000

Tony Abdo:
>Clinton and Albright promised a false 'self determination' for the East
>Timorese and the Albanian Kosovars, and at the same time they weakened
>self determination for Yugoslavia and Indonesia.
>It is a great thing to support the self determination of oppressed
>groups like the East Timorese or the Aceh, if at the same time you are
>moving forward the self determination of the entire Third World country
>of Indonesia.     This is what is lacking.

No, what is lacking is a class analysis. Yugoslavia had been the victim of
a ten year long imperialist assault on every vestige of socialism.
Milosevic and his wife, despite earlier attempts to accomodate imperialism,
finally said no.

December 12, 1990 Los Angeles Times:

"The choice of Milosevic and what amounts to hard-line communism isolates
Serbia, the largest republic, from four other Yugoslav states that have
elected center-right governments and set about repairing the economic
damage inflicted by half a century of Marxism. The Socialists have remained
popular in Serbia despite an anti-Communist mood in Eastern Europe..."

What does this have to do with Indonesia? Why would we even link the two
nations? Indonesia is a capitalist nation lacking anti-imperialist
credentials of any sort. For pete's sake, we are not dealing with a
Venezuela or a Libya, are we? Indonesia has been acting on imperialism's
behalf ever since the overthrow of Sukarno, who WAS a Quadaffi type figure.
Since the 1960s, mostly under Suharto's rule, Indonesia has been an
accomplice to imperialist policy in East Asia, starting with East Timor.
Why would we even begin to talk in terms of Indonesia's 'self-determination'?

Louis Proyect

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