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Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Mon Aug 21 16:29:41 MDT 2000

> What does this have to do with Indonesia? Why would we even link the two
> nations? Indonesia is a capitalist nation lacking anti-imperialist
> credentials of any sort. For pete's sake, we are not dealing with a
> Venezuela or a Libya, are we? Indonesia has been acting on imperialism's
> behalf ever since the overthrow of Sukarno, who WAS a Quadaffi type
> Since the 1960s, mostly under Suharto's rule, Indonesia has been an
> accomplice to imperialist policy in East Asia, starting with East Timor.
> Why would we even begin to talk in terms of Indonesia's

I'm not interested in singing homages to the generals, and would like to nip
in the bud any attempts by ther list members to call me as such.  I am only
going to point out but one simple fact with a quick note. Recently in one of
the reports that described and slammed Hugo Chavez for daring to meet with
Saddam Hussein, it mentioned that Indonesia's Wahid would be the second
"democratically elected" leader to visit the be-leaguered country. The
analogy with Saddam that the remnants of the generals see is probably a very
simple one: "The West seems to think we have lived out our usefulness and
want to be done with us... we are not going to go quietly". Any attempts to
"democratize" Indonesia are in the same pattern of the Imperialist about
face on Hussein, Noriega, etc. They made them strong to counterweigh the
"communist threat" and now want to weaken them yet again. No, they are not
even close to our friends. Yet if they go along the same type of path as
Hussein, "anti-imperialist by default" (obviously self-serving) the
character of the situation changes dramatically. Wahid said something to the
effect that "we make our own decisions" when asked if it was not risky
siding or even dialoguing with the Iraqis. Yes, this is pure geo-politics.
Geo-politics are usually are reflection of inter-bougreois class
contradictions and struggles. So how does this reflect Aceh and East Timor
*must* be taken into account.

I am with Lou on the difference between Milosevic/Yugoslavia and Indonesia.
That doesn't change the shifting dynamic of the Indonesian archipelago.


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