Capitalism Restored in Serbia?

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Tue Aug 22 00:57:42 MDT 2000

Louis Proyect wrote:

> For all of this talk about capitalism, there is nothing in your post about
> how the Yugoslav economy functions. Is there a stock market? Are
> unprofitable firms allowed to go under? Most importantly, is the 'new
> bourgeosie' a bourgeoisie in the Marxist sense or just factory managers
> with enormous privileges. The Marxist definition of a bourgeoisie takes
> place within the overall context of property relations defined in terms of
> the accumulation of capital. Key to this is profit. In a workers state,
> profit does not underpin the economy.
> I can tell you, by the way, that to answer these questions requires much
> more in-depth understanding of the Yugoslav economy than can be derived
> >from an outfit like Workers Aid, which sided with the Kosovars in the
> recent war. You need to go to the library and find scholarly material. I
> have tried to do this at Columbia University, the most well-endowed
> research institution in the city of New York, and there is ZERO on the
> post-1990 Yugoslavia economy.


are we supposed to believe this? ZERO on ten years of Yugoslav economy in
New Yorks best library? Or do you want to say there was ZERO that supports
your position?

> In the drive to transform Eastern Europe, the Serb republic was
> reluctant to go the route of Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Czechoslovakia,
> etc. Since Yugoslavia had an independent military that was not part of
> NATO, it was seen as a threat to imperialism's goals. In order to isolate
> the Serbs, it was necessary to demonize the regime. This explains all of
> the false reports coming out of George Soros-funded NGO's which sought to
> destabilize Yugoslavia politically, so that it could be carved up and sold
> to the highest bidder.

Certainly all sort of imperialists tried to interfere in Yugoslavia, but to
attribute the deconstruction of Yugoslvia solely (or mainly) to George Soros
looks like a conspiration theory in my eyes.


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