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el 22 Aug 00, a las 2:43, Tony Abdo dijo:

> From the point of view of American imperialism, it is an inconvenient
> colonial legacy that countries like India, Brazil, Indonesia, China,
> Nigeria, and Russia exist.     It is not the working model for the
> 'new global economy'.

Just a bit of meaningful information. A couple of weeks ago I would
have contested what Tony says above on Brazil. And this, even though
don't forget that in 1964 the USA had plans to split the country if
the coup did not succeed, that during WWII the Brazilian Northeast
was in fact split off the rest of the country, and that national
unity was paid by Brazilians at a high price (namely, the
Expeditionary Force that was sent to Europe during the war, and which
eventually bred the gang of thugs that set up the 1964 movement!).

But what I wanted to point out was something different. I am
preparing a trip to Florianópolis, in Southern Brazil. So, I got a
tour guide of Brazil and began reading it. I stumbled on the Sao
Paulo pages, and discovered, to my amazed awe, that one of the main
squares of Sao Paulo carries the name of the Heroes of 1932!  Who
were they? Well, they were the leaders of the last secessionist
movement in Latin America, of the Sao Paulo attempt at secession that
year, an attempt that was not looked upon without tenderness by the
American Embassy...

Carlos Rebello may certainly correct me, partially or totally, but I
think that I am right on the basic lines.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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