Capitalism Restored in Serbia?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Aug 22 10:19:25 MDT 2000

>are we supposed to believe this? ZERO on ten years of Yugoslav economy in
>New Yorks best library? Or do you want to say there was ZERO that supports
>your position?

Okay, I'll come clean. There were 3 books that according to the online
catalog dealt with the Yugoslav economy after 1990. I can't say for sure
whether they support my position or not.

Biscevic, Hasan. "Abdicev put u izdaju"

Dinkic, Mladen. "Ekonomija destrukcije: velika pljacka naroda"

Kosta Mihailovic. "Privreda Jugoslavije u uslovima blokade: zbornik radova
sa okruglog stola odrzanjog 26 maja 1993"

Louis Proyect

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