Self Determination- Support It!

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Tue Aug 22 16:40:17 MDT 2000

My earlier comment-
Lou, you didn't try too hard..     The Iraqi example above is just
one case in point.     Editorial support for no fly zones, arbitrary
division by the US military of Iraqi territory, and continued terrorism
by the US in the region doesn't register as evidence?

Lou responded-
<Yeah, but those no fly zones have to do with the Kurds, don't they?
What do we do, call for lifting the no fly zones so that the Iraq air
force can exterminate the Kurds? You really should take the time to
spell out your thinking on the Kurdish rebellion. I think there is no
place in your ideology for it or anything like it.>

Well, at least we have admitted that their is evidence supporting the
desires of imperialism to section off and dismember countries into
smaller units.      But then, you go and turn things upside down.
There is plenty of room for supporting Kurdish self determination.
But once again you have left out of all calculation, the other self
determination issue.

There truly is no place in your ideology for it or anything like it.
I am talking about self determination of the Iraqi Arabs  under
onslaught from the racist English speaking natonal ethnic group that
oppresses them.

It seems that you have forgotten altogether the reasons for the war.
One nation refuses to give up its privileged situation of racial
superiority.     They believe that because they are a superior race,
that they have the right to oil located in the Arab world.      That
race Lou, is the American/ British white Anglo core group of the
imperialist world.

What happened here, did you believe Bush way back when he said that the
war was not a war against the Iraqi people?      No racial prejudice
against Arabs on the part of the US or British ruling class?     Equal
partners and all, since the Saudis joined in?

Maybe Clinton is killing all those Iraqi children and adults without any
racial prejudice?     They just happened to be citizens in the wrong
place and the wrong time.     Sorry, I apologize.

Struggles for self determination have time and context.     Struggle in
support of Kurdish self determination, Arab brothers and sisters.
Lou, you and I should be struggling together in support of Arab self
determination from our own country's dictates.      Let's support self
determinaion for the Arab nation.
Similar plans are floated in ruling circles elsewhere.   Kosovo, and
the idea in vogue in certain circles, of dividing Sudan into 2

Again, Lou objects-
<Is there a thought buried in here about Sudan? Please don't keep it a

But I wouldn't be so sinister to keep a secret.     Sudanese Arabs
SHOULD support self determination in Sudan's southern regions.      I'll
be damned if Lou and I should go on the bandwagon here at home to get
the US to force Sudan to be two countries.     And to call that support
for self determination.      We'll only get that 'victory' if our
imperalist government supports the new division.
Similarly, support for East Timor's independence as a new half-an-island
state in the Pacific is seen as support for self determination, not as
redivison under imperial lines.

Lou replies-
<False. Even the DSP regards the present situation as falling short of
self-determination. You are conflating two different positions, as the
Sunday morning commentators put it.>

Maybe so this month.    But a couple of months ago,  DSP and Solidarity
weren't singing that song of doubt.      A call for UN troops was
supported as being the purist essence of giving support to self
determination to East Timor.

Selective amnesia can be cured, but not if the same methodology is
repeated over and over again, leading to the same result over and over
again.     Sad to see some leaping from Kosovo to Timor to Chechnya,
with the same blindspot in being unable to see the national question in
a manner that factors in the chief racial oppressors; European &
American...  Western imperialists.

The plain fact is, that anti- US military work is an unpopular idea with
the American working class as a whole.     So American socialists as a
whole, don't want to take this issue head on.      It is seen as
interfering with organizing the American working class into 'better,
stonger' unions.  Got to concentrate on 'class', we do.... they say.
Can't talk about national oppression by the US of the rest of the world.

Comrades, this is the worst sort of non- class consciousness.


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