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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Aug 22 19:50:29 MDT 2000

Adam, San Francisco <sf_adam at> wrote:
> Got Extra Prilosec? Need any Amount 4 Free
> Pleae help a comrade here in the San Francisco Bay Area who is in a
> really bad jam. A lifelong Trot, he has developed Reflux disease, but
> cannot pay for the only drug that offers any relief and permits him to
> eat even the mildest of foods. All he can eat now is white rice.
> After giving a lifetime to revolution, he has no health insurance. His
> job is running out next week.
> Any amount, 1, 2, 50, 100 appreciated. I can't pay, and neither can he,
> so free is the way to go here.
> Please email me right away and we can work out transfer details.
> Adam
> SF_Adam at

maybe that kaufman guy could get ralph nader to lay hands on hims or
something. hes only had 25k bucks to live on since 1940. forget the
texan dwarf this time we got a credible alternaive

Louis Proyect
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