Largest mass grave in Kosovo discovered

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Wed Aug 23 17:30:41 MDT 2000

B92 8/22/00:

Serb and Romany mass grave in Pristina

PRISTINA, Tuesday -- The families of missing Serbs and Romanies have
reported  the finding of 160 bodies in a Pristina suburb, Belgrade daily
Blic writes today. The family members say they were asked by UNMIK to
identify bodies.

Blic quotes Romany Vesna Mulici who identified the body of her husband Ramo
as saying that while identifying her husband's personal effects she noticed
identifications and photos for a large number of Serbs.

The United Nations mission in Kosovo has neither confirmed nor denied the
information, adding that heavy KFOR forces had secured the gravesite until
recently and prevented access to it.

Blic also writes that the bodies are presumed to be those of victims of
Albanian terrorism over the past year.

Louis Proyect

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