Private versus public ownership in Yugoslavia, 1996

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Tue Aug 22 12:25:17 MDT 2000

Although there is a paucity of information in the English language dealing
with the economic make-up Yugoslavia in the recent period, I believe I have
finally found something that appears reliable. Namely, "The Basis of
Transition and Privatisation Programme: (The Yugoslav Case)" written by
Prof. Tomislav Popovic in 1996 and published by the Institute of Economic
Sciences, a private think-tank in Belgrade associated with the Friedrich
Ebert Foundation in Germany.

I will probably have more to say about this book in future posts, but for
the time being I will allow this following chart drawn from page 142 of
Popovic's book to speak for itself.

Balance Sheet of Enterprises as of June 30, 1996 FR of Yugoslavia (in
million New Dinars)

                                        Public                  Private
                                        Enterprises             Enterprises
Realization on domestic market          40                      23
Export revenue                          2.9                     .66
Financial revenues                      4.8                     .5
Financial expenditures                  8.1                     .82
Gross profit                            1.03                    .71
Gross loss                              6.8                     .68

(Source: Federal Statistical Office, Statistical Yearbook, 1995, Belgrade)

Louis Proyect

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