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Thu Aug 24 17:01:41 MDT 2000

(Greg Elich is a free-lance journalist who has written about Yugoslavia in
CAQ and other publications.)

Hello Lou,
   Your conclusion is the same as mine.   Based on what information I could
find, it was clear to me that all or nearly all large and medium scale
factories and plants are either state-owned or worker cooperatives.  Large
farms are also the same.  Small scale shops or very small scale plants and
farms are often privately held.  I must say that when I went to Yugoslavia,
I found that the social sector was even stronger and more prevalent than
even I expected.  I was also pleasantly surprised to see widespread
commitment to social property and their system.  I also saw a lot of street
vendors and so on, selling paltry goods.  Also people selling smuggled
gasoline.  I attribute this mainly the effects of 9 years of sanctions, an
influx of one million refugees, and bombed factories and workplaces.
   I have seen a posting you sent a long time ago with the results of your
Lexus-Nexus search.  Even before then, I had encountered dozens of such
articles.  It is very clear to me why the West is hostile to Yugoslavia.
One would think that the left would be capable of analysis, rather than
blindly following mainstream media.  I must say it was extremely refreshing
to be in Yugoslavia and see a left that was vibrant and knew exactly what it
was about.  How refeshing!  All of the members in the delegation (who were
all left) joked about wanting to stay and live there.  So did I, and it was
a real feeling.  Of course, the place won't be so pleasant if Imperialism
gets its claws into it - well, they've already inflicted massive suffering.

Louis Proyect
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